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The Pocket Portfolio: The $15 Product that Changed Everything

Hey friends! Let’s get real for a minute, how many times have you met someone, told them you were a photographer, and then they said, “Oh! My sister (or mom, or friend, or boyfriend, or neighbor, or insert anyone) is a photographer, too!” Then they go on to say, “I’ll give them your number! You […]

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5 Reasons Why I Choose Digital Photography (The “olive branch” post)

On June 8th – June 14th, I was in Crestone, CO sleeping in a tent unplugged from technology for 5 days. When I came back online I had a whole butt-load of hate mail. At first I just felt confused, bullied and honestly, just plain ol’ sad. After having a film photographer friend reach out […]

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How To Work With + Impress Wedding Planners

Watch the replay! If you missed the Live event, you can watch the replay now on the She Shoots Digital Public Facebook Page.     SO I definitely remember a time when I was focusing all my marketing efforts on social media and all I was getting was lower-end wedding clients. Maybe that sounds familiar […]

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